Wackier concepts for “Wu Kong”

Wackier concepts for “Wu Kong”
Eddie Peng Wu Kong


I guess nothing quite says Monkey King more than a monkey munching on a banana. The latest batch of posters for the upcoming movie Wu Kong is a shade lighter compared to the previous set of stills that were intensely dark, broody and downright dramatic. 
Eddie PengNi NiOho OuShawn YueZheng Shuang and Qiao Shan put on their best faces as their respective characters – some turning up the funny, others playing it cool or just giving their brightest smile. Despite the cheery atmosphere, the concept stays true to the movie’s overarching theme of rebelling against fate with the words never back down 不服 plastered across every poster.  

Monkey King movies are a dime a dozen nowadays but I am definitely most excited for this one. It premieres on July 13, just a week before Once Upon A Time, which is another movie that I cannot wait to see. 

Ni Ni Wu Kong
Oho Ou Wu Kong
Shawn Yue Wu Kong
Zheng Shuang Wu Kong
Qiao Shan Wu Kong

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