Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas May 2017

Detective Samoyeds

The detectives team up once again and they will be facing their biggest obstacle yet as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens the Tang Dynasty. Starring Xu Hai Qiao, Ju Jing Yi, etc. 

The Fox’s Summer Season 2 (May 4 Tencent QQ)
A love story between a girl who lies like no other and her boss who is physically allergic to liars. Starring Tan Song Yun and Jiang Chao.

Legend of the Dragon Pearl (May 8 Anhui TV and Beijing TV)
A love story between the Qing Dynasty Emperor and the last princess of the Ming Dynasty. Starring Yang Zi and Qin Jun Jie. 

Suspicious Partners (May 10 SBS and Viki)
A k-drama with a lot of things going on but when it boils down to it, it’s a team up between a private attorney and an intern trying to solve an amnesiac murder case. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun. 

Ruler: Master of the Mask

Crown Prince Sado takes on a dangerous fight against a powerful organization that has monopoly over the supply of water. Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun. 

Ode to Joy Season 2 (May 11 Zhejiang TV and Dragon TV)
A slice of life drama about four women living in the same apartment and it explores their relationships both old and new. Starring Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Olivia Wang, Yang Zi and Qiao Xin.

Lookout (May 22 MBC and DramaFever)
A suspense thriller about a vigilante group, each of them with a painful backstory of their own as they find a sense of purpose in fighting crime. Starring Kim Young Kwang, Lee Si Young, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Seul Gi and Key.

Fight My Way (May 22 KBS and Viki)
It stars Park Seo Joon, need I say more. Seriously though, it’s a cute story between longtime friends and their budding romance. Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won. 

Circle (May 22 tvN and DramaFever)
A science fiction thriller that takes place in two different worlds. In one timeline, a university student tries desperately to find his brother as mysterious deaths take place. In a futuristic timeline, a detective is determined to solve the missing twins case. Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo. 

Happiness of an Angel Cecilia Liu Ming Dao
Angelo (May 22 Mango TV)

A Chinese drama based on the 2007 Korean drama Thank You that tells the story of a single mom who has to care for her daughter who is HIV positive and a doctor who finds his way into their lives. Starring Cecilia Liu and Ming Dao. 

My Sassy Girl (May 29 SBS and DramaFever)
The classic love story of My Sassy Girl comes to the Joseon era. Starring Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo. 

Little Valentine (May 29 Shenchuan, iQiYi)
A family friendly story about a widower, his daughter, grandma and a few potential love lines. Starring Hu Jun and Gina Jin Chen. 

Queen for Seven Days (May 31 KBS and Viki
A compelling tale about a queen who was deposed after seven days on the thrown. Starring Park Min Young, Yeon Jin Woo and Lee Dong Gun. 

Edge of Innocence
Edge of Innocence (May 27) –> Movie

A romance thriller about a 19-year-old boy who witnesses a crime from his hospital window. Starring Huang Zitao and Ora Yang Caiyu.

God of War (May 27) –> Movie
A movie detailing the heroic feats of a military general during the Ming Dynasty. Starring 
Vincent Zhao and Sammo Hung.

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