Sheng Yi Lun and Olivia Wang confirmed for “Swire God”

Swire God Sheng Yi Lun


For someone who has had an ugly fallout with his management company, Sheng Yi Lun (Oh My General) seems to be doing well career-wise. I’m happy for him that he’s getting all these lead roles. However, I have yet to warm up to any of the cold and distant personas he’s so accustomed to playing. The thing is I always find myself rooting for the other guy while finding Sheng Yi Lun, well, distant.   

Swire God 太古神王 is a Chinese drama adapted from a novel by Jing Wu Hen 淨無痕. It looks like the main protagonist Qin Wen Tian will be cut from the same cloth of your usual hero in the sense that he is a man in his twenties, cold and handsome. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I can name so many such characters that are impossible to resist, so it’s really up to the actor to bring the character to life. Update: On the upside, Olivia Wang (Ode to Joy) has been confirmed as the female lead. 
What’s interesting is that an article shared on the show’s official weibo account calls Swire God a combination of the fight for the throne from A Song of Ice and Fire and the story of youth and growth from Harry Potter. Can this be true?
Olivia Wang Swire God
Swire God c-drama


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