Lin Gengxin and Zhao Li Ying exchange gifts at the “Princess Agents” Presscon

Princess Agents Presscon
On May 26, the cast of Princess Agents were dressed to the nines as they attended the press conference held in Beijing less than two weeks before the series premiere. Allow me to fangirl a bit because they all look great and I especially love Zanilia Zhao Li Ying in her little red dress and fresh new haircut. 
To commemorate the occasion, Zhao Li Ying and Lin Genxin prepared gifts for each other that they presented onstage. It made for some cute interactions when Li Ying tried to pry the bouquet from Lin Gengxin who initially wanted to hide it from the audience by insisting that it was just a bouquet of flowers (it’s not). 
Apparently, Lin Gengxin loves eating a kind of spicy snack that he would share to Li Ying, so she decided to buy a whole drama’s worth of supply for him. Lin Gengxin commented that it must have been expensive and Li Ying concurred, saying that it’s a little more than his gift to her. It’s okay though, his husky throw pillow was adorable. 

Li Qin ZLY Lin Gengxin Shawn Dou Princess Agents Presscon
When talking about their roles, Lin Genxin shared that he wasn’t allowed to smile and looked pointedly at the director for stopping him from smiling. Li Ying also added that an unsmiling Lin Gengxin was cool and had he smiled, he would have been a completely different character.

The other cast members also revealed some interesting tidbits. Li Qin said that her role as a princess is someone who is kind but eventually overcome by hatred. Shawn Dou follows a similar trajectory as he goes from a good guy to someone menacing. Alan Wang Yanlin described his character as a bad egg and likened his evilness to Rong Mo Mo. 

From everything that was said, it looks like we’re in for some major angst and even Li Ying said that she wanted a vacation right after because playing the hero is not easy. Finally, Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Bi Chen also performed a duet onstage the show’s opening song Wang

Princess Agents Presscon

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Princess Agents


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Source: Zhao Li Ying Studio, Deng Lun, Maggie Huang, Niu Jun Feng, SinaOfficial Weibo

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