“Princess Agents” confirms June release on Hunan TV

Princess Agents


Save the date because Princess Agents 楚乔传 has announced that it will premiere Monday, June 5 at 22:00 on Hunan TV and will basically be taking over for Fighter of the Destiny once it finales. 
Out of the upcoming premieres, this one’s on the top of my list and probably a lot of people’s too. After all, Zanilia Zhao Li Ying wasn’t crowned the hundred billion queen for nothing. She has proven that she can dominate summer ratings with hits like Journey of Flower and went on to star in back to back dramas last year with Rookie Agent Rouge, The Mystic Nine and Legend of Chusen. It looks like we will only have one chance to see her on television this year with Princess Agents and that’s reason enough to watch.  
If the actual show is anything like the trailer, it will definitely be a historical drama that is cut from a different cloth. Zhao Li Ying has this line, “In this barbarous world, if I want to survive, I can only kill the man-eating beasts.” It already sounds intense, brutal and her transformation even more dramatic. I feel like we’re going to be in for a lot of angst, the good kind.

Princess Agents Zanilia Zhao Li Ying
Princess Agents Lin Gengxin
Princess Agents Shawn Dou
Princess Agents Li Qin


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