Luhan’s candid Q&A with Harper’s Bazaar China



Harper’s Bazaar is quickly becoming my favorite magazine with its continuous outpour of fun and creative ideas. Its latest spread features Luhan and there’s really nothing more a fan can ask. From the striking photos to the most random bottle-opening challenge to the sweet birthday surprise, it’s been a treat looking through it all. I think the video interview’s the real winner though (translated below).

Q: Before closing your eyes to go to sleep, what is the last thing that you do? 
A: Close eyes? 
Q: Correct, the last thing you do everyday before going to sleep.
A: Close my eyes. (laughs)

Q: Normally, what time do you sleep?
A: It differs when I’m on break and when I’m not.
Q: When you’re not on a break. 
A: When I’m not resting, I sleep when it’s morning already.

Q: Good food that you like recently

A: Umm hot pot, different kinds of hotpot. 

Q: When shaving do you use an electric shaver or blades?
A: Electric. 

Q: Which emoticon of yours do you like the best? 
A: Emoticon? (tries to remember) What emoticons did I have? Laughing while crying. 
Q: Can you demonstrate? 
A: Okay… (attempts to demonstrate, then stops) never mind, never mind. 

Q: What color are your pajamas? 
A: (thinks) sleep in the nude.

Q: Who did you send your last wechat to?

A: Lao Gao.

Q: If your favorite shoe and favorite watch fell into the water at the same time, which one will you retrieve first? 

A: (answers confidently) Shoes, because watches are waterproof.

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