Chen Bolin and Jing Tian confirmed for “The King of Blaze”

Chen Bolin and Jing Tian confirmed for “The King of Blaze”
The King of Blaze Chen Bolin
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something interesting crops up, and I mean really interesting from the sound of it. The King of Blaze 火王之破晓之战 is a Taiwanese comic published in 1991 and it will be adapted into a Chinese drama. Author You Su-Lan recently posted images of the animated characters on weibo and encouraged fans to let the guessing begin. It hasn’t even been that long since and the news has finally dropped today confirming Chen Bolin and Jing Tian as the titular leads.
The King of Blaze Animation
If I’m reading this right, it has a fantastical premise with a god of fire, a god of wind and many others making up the seven gods of the realm. Then the premise gets loopy with reincarnated gods in the present day world? As for the main couple, he is in love with a beautiful girl who turns out to be a man cross-dressing as a girl. Now, I’m getting all this from trusty wikipedia so if it’s wrong, please please let me know.  
The drama is still in its early stages and filming hasn’t even begun. Even so, the hype around the source material and the stars of the show puts this high up on my list. I’m already curious to see how the manhua translates onscreen and I have a feeling that visually it’s going to look spectacular. 

The King of Blaze Jing Tian


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