Introducing the characters of “Martial Universe”

Introducing the characters of “Martial Universe”


While sounding the battle cry, “Let me protect your world,” Martial Universe 武动乾坤 goes into fight mode with its latest batch of posters and it just hit me that this is really going to be an all out high fantasy with talk of weapon stats, stages of skill level and what not.   

Yang Yang takes the lead as Lin Dong. He is a man drowning in mediocrity but extraordinary encounters (i.e. a talisman) and unwavering determination pave the way for him to become a legendary hero. He is driven by vengeance, yet evolves into a person who cares about the greater good. In his journey, he encounters many friendships and a love life that is complicated.

Crystal Zhang as Ying Huan Huan, the daughter of the leader of Dao Zong. Her real identity is that of a reincarnated ice lord and she awakens her powers in order to protect Dao Zong and help Lin Dong in his quest for revenge. She has the beauty of an ancient goddess and slowly changes in personality to match the character. However, she retains her lively self whenever she is with Lin Dong.  
Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian, a martial arts prodigy. He is a man who is constantly in the limelight as he is tasked with the leading the entire Lin Clan to greater success. He is incredibly talented and an alpha male. However, he loses his way and becomes Lin Dong’s mortal enemy. 
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu. She is the princess of Jiu Tian Tai Qing Palace who has an ethereal beauty. She is extremely gifted and confident but not overbearing. Through an unexpected turn of events, she and Lin Dong end up sleeping with each other and she tracks him down to get her revenge, but instead becomes moved by his determination.
She is the woman that Lin Dong initially tries to pursue. In the novel, Lin Qing Zhu is the main lead but the drama has switched up the roles to push Ying Huan Huan as the heroine. 
Ashton Chen as Xiao Yan. He is a tiger demon who used to follow Lin Dong around until he eventually transformed into a human. He is all brute strength and not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but he is also a man of courage and extremely loyal. Interestingly, his character description is like a dead ringer for Ashton Chen’s role in Son of Hero, minus some details.
Ada Liu Yan as Mu Qian Qian. She is the teacher of Lin Lang Tian and she is like a mother to him. She has mesmerizing beauty and a cunningness that befits the big bad villain. 
Suo Xiao Kun as Lin Diao. He is wild, domineering and hails from the mink tribe. He gives the impression that he is stubborn and irrepressible but inside is a man who values friendship deeply. One day, he accidentally falls into a trap, chances upon a talisman and is eventually discovered by Lin Dong. He starts out completely indifferent towards Lin Dong but ends up becoming a sworn brother alongside their friend Xiao Yan. 
Dong Qing as Lin Qing Tan. She is the bubbly younger sister of Lin Dong who likes (likes) him? She harbors a dark and chilling power within her that she learns to embrace. I’m guessing she has to be adopted or I’m shouting incest. 


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