A Step into the Past (2018)

A Step into the Past Chen Xiang
A Step into the Past 寻秦记 is a Chinese web series adapted from a novel of the same name by Huang Yi. It tells the story of a man from the future who steps into the past and becomes embroiled in the political turmoils during the Warring States Era. 
In the year 2050, Xiang Shaolong is a prodigy in the field of aerospace who loves gaming and has a sense of humor. During a space exploration, he accidentally travels through a blackhole and finds himself in ancient China just three years before the Qin Emperor became king. Desperate to get back, he does everything in his power to help Ying Zheng ascend to the throne.  

A Step into the Past Guo Xiao Ting
A Step into the Past is literally a cherished piece of my childhood because of the 2001 TVB adaptation starring Louis Koo. I was initially elated at the thought of a remake but I’m slowly getting the sense that nothing is going to top my love for the first one. 
In the upcoming adaptation, the main protagonist is a space traveler instead of a member of the Hong Kong Police Force. The heroine also has a heart problem that causes her pain whenever she feels emotions. I’m not sure how necessary the new plot points are but the original had a huge ensemble cast of endearing characters and a spectacular story to tell. Looking at the first stills, I’m not feeling it so far but don’t mind me, I’m admittedly biased.

The remake stars Chen XiangGuo Xiao TingXia NanChen ChenNiu Zi Fan, etc. Liang Guo Guan takes the reigns as Director while Nicky Wu brings his creativity behind the scenes as the Artistic Director. The actor who is no stranger to costume dramas is also expected to cameo, which makes him the biggest name in the entire production. 

Release Date: January 18, 2018  on Youku
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A Step into the Past
A Step into the Past
A Step into the Past
A Step into the Past
A Step into the Past
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