Zanilia Zhao is the newest addition to “72 Floors of Mystery”

 72 Floors of Mystery Zanilia Zhao


Zanilia Zhao will be joining the variety show 72 Floors of Mystery not as a guest as initially rumored but as a regular member of the cast. And here I thought she meant to take a break from showbiz after working non-stop, but hey, no complaints to seeing more of Li Ying. Besides, it’ll be interesting to see her try her hand at variety. 
Zanilia Zhao’s addition makes her the only female cast member and I know the show’s striving for originality and all, but I can’t help but get Running Man vibes. In a way, it’s hardly surprising that she’d join because she has previously worked with the show’s creator Nan Pai San Shu in The Mystic Nine
Now that the team’s complete along with the likes of Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei and Simon Yam, it’s shaping up to be an incredible lineup you wouldn’t want to miss. The eyecandy is reason enough for me to watch and it’ll be an added bonus if it’s actually goodWilliam Chan who has been Zanilia Zhao’s leading man twice is the first guest star though it isn’t clear whether they will appear together given that filming started weeks before this announcement. 

Zanilia Zhao 72 Floors of Mystery

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