“The Glory of Tang Dynasty Season 2” premieres Apr 3

“The Glory of Tang Dynasty Season 2” premieres Apr 3


(Spoilers from season 1) The wait ends as The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 returns every Monday to Wednesday at 22:00 starting tonight on Beijing TV and Anhui TV. With the advent of the second season comes a new batch of promotional posters for Jing Tian, Ren Jia Lun, Wan Qian, Shu Chang, Yu Xiao Wei and Mao Zi Jun.  

You may be wondering why Qin Jun Jie is noticeably absent and the sad truth is that his character died during the season one finale, leaving behind not only the woman he fought tooth and nail to protect but also his older brother Guang Ping Wang who hits rock bottom over the loss.

As the main leads, the Dong Zhu couple have been through so much if not more yet they still have each other to turn to and now that everyone’s cards are exposed, will they be able to outmanoeuver the cunning Empress in her own game? It’s going to be a long journey ahead with a another 30 episodes to go. 

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