S.H.E.’s Ella Chen gave birth to a baby boy

Ella Chen Baby


Ella Chen is definitely going to be one badass mom. Oh wait, she already is. It was only less than a week ago when the 35-year-old soon-to-be-mother posted a video of herself busting out some dance moves with a full baby bump and declaring that she is very ready.

Yesterday afternoon, she finally welcomed her first child surrounded by family and friends. She seems understandably tired but glowing as seen in a heartwarming picture of the new family of three together with Ella’s S.H.E. bandmates Selina Ren and Hebe Tian

It seems like Ella has had to put up a fight the moment contractions started and was in labor for a good ten plus to twenty hours. She shared intimate details on weibo, admitting that she initially wanted to try water birth but didn’t succeed due to her physical condition. She opted for a natural birth instead, without an epidural. 
She ended the weibo post by saying, “…now, my husband and I are experiencing the bliss of parenthood, thank you to everyone’s concern and blessings, also thank you to all the greetings from friends, we are all good, thank you everyone.”
Ella Chen weibo baby
Ella Chen Baby


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