Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin to reunite in “The Way We Were”

Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin to reunite in “The Way We Were”


Since admitted their dating status last December, Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin have seemingly become relationship goals. Their chemistry onscreen has worked well in numerous occasions and they even have their latest hit drama Princess Weiyoung to show for it.

I hadn’t expected a collaboration this soon but it looks like it’s right around the corner as the two have signed up for 
The Way We Were 归去来, an upcoming Chinese drama slated to begin filming in June. Everything aside, I already know that it’s a pairing I won’t want to miss. 
The couple have filmed a short teaser to give an insight into the story that revolves around the second generation rich and powerful and their experiences studying abroad. There are complicated relationships and a secret that drives a wedge between the main couple leaving them with a difficult choice. 
Filming will be concentrated in the US featuring locations like San Francisco and Los Angeles though there will also be location shoots in China and Cambodia. 

Source: Baidu


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