“Meteor Garden” gets a Chinese remake after 16 years


Meteor Garden 流星花園 was so inexplicably good that it literally started a trend of idol dramas in Taiwan and gained a cult following for its then leads Jerry Yan, Vic Chou (Liehuo Ruge), Ken Chu, Vanness Wu (Princess Weiyoung) and Barbie Hsu

Every number or so years, someone decides to recreate the magic and the pattern repeats. This time, however, is especially significant because Angie Chai who produced the original Taiwanese drama in 2001 is involved in a remake scheduled for 2018. 
Meteor Garden remake 2018
It’s ultimately a story that can’t get away from fangirling about flower boys but hey, it’s about time another generation got to experience the fun of it. There is no official cast yet but I have to admit that I am both hyped and curious about the new F4. 
Barbie Hsu actually hinted at this announcement a day earlier when she posted on weibo, “A flash of light and it has been 16 years since Meteor Garden! Shan Cai has become a mother of two! With Chai Jie @AngieChai chatting about the past, it brings out the feels… she clearly knows that I’m an honest person but still told me a secret T.T wait for her to tell you herself.”
Meteor Garden remake 2018



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