Jin Yong’s classic wuxia “Swordsman” is up for a remake

It’s an industry norm for novels to be adapted into dramas, more so if it’s a classic Jin Yong novel because those literally get a remake every number or so years. It’s been only four years since the widely-panned Yu Zheng adaptation of Swordsman hit the air and a new one is already in the works perhaps to wipe out the bad memories that the previous one left behind.

The upcoming tv series will be produced by Enlight Media, a film company that has helmed movies like The Devotion of Suspect X and Yesterday Once More. The cast will be led by relative unknowns – Ding Guan Sen is the company’s homegrown talent who also had a role in the two aforementioned movies and Xue Hao Jing is so new that she doesn’t even have a dedicated baidu (wiki) page yet.
A couple pictures of Ding Guan Sen are making the rounds online and frankly, he seems like a far cry from the iconic Linghu Chong. Even so, Legend of the Condor Heroes did surprisingly well by going with fresh faces, so I’d try to go into this with an open mind. 
Jin Yong Swordsman

Jin Yong Swordsman


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