Guess “Hu” will cameo in Jin Dong’s upcoming drama “Surgeons”?

Hu Ge


It has nothing to do with the ninja turtles, I just happen to like the pic and yes, the not-so-mysterious mystery man is none other than Hu GeWhen filming was underway for Surgeons 外科风云 last year, a conversation that went something like this was posted on the show’s official weibo account.
Crew member jokes with a certain someone who came to visit the set: Come come come, cameo for us! 
Certain someone: As what?
Easygoing crew member: Do you want to play a doctor or a patient?
Everyone: Play a doctor!
Certain someone’s interest is piqued: No, I want to play a patient!
Crew member: Come come come, lie down here.
Certain someone: No, I want to lie face down. 
Regardless of whether the conversation actually took place, what’s real is that Hu Ge did visit the set last July. Furthermore, the Chinese news site Sohu reports that he actually returned for a cameo though it’s unclear what his role is.
Surgeons is an upcoming medical drama starring Jin Dong, Bai Bai He, Li Jia Hang and Liu Yi Jun. For any Nirvana in Fire and Disguiser fans out there, it’s nice to know that the bromance is alive and real. 


Hu Ge

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