Crystal Liu talks “Once Upon A Time” in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar China

Crystal Liu


Crystal Liu proves why she has always been the fan favorite for the role of Bai Qian during a fashion shoot with Harper’s Bazaar China in Paris, and this is a preview! Granted Yang Mi blew everyone away with her own interpretation of the same character but the buzz around Crystal Liu remains very much alive especially with the premiere of Once Upon A Time only three four months away

Crystal Liu
The actress shares an exclusive interview with Bazaar China and we’ve translated a few of the Q&A videos.
Q: Which one is your favorite ‘lifetime’ in Three Lives Three Worlds?  link to video
A: I personally don’t have a preference because for me, the biggest most interesting thing might be her identity as a fox. From someone who treats love from afar as an observer and doesn’t think that she will get involved to someone who falls hard and unable to let go. 
Q: Do you favor costume dramas? (a question that alludes to how Crystal Liu is basically the goddess of period dramas) link to video
A: Actually, I didn’t consider my external features when it comes to the character. This is not something I consider, so the moment it’s action, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing modern clothes or ancient garb, those cannot dictate your state of mind. Your entire being, your eyes, your body language, your emotions are the things that are really alive. At that time, clothes feel like an accessory. It doesn’t have life. And then, right, my look now is not bad also (laughs). 
Crystal Liu
Q: Describe “Yehua” Yang Yang in one word? link to video
A: Shuai (Good-looking)!
Q: If Yehua and Tuan Zi fall into the water at the same time, who will you save? link to video
A: Tuan Zi 
Interviewer: Yehua will swim up by himself
A: (agrees)
Q: Goddess, demon, human, which identity do you like the most? link to video
A: Probably demon, I feel demon has more capacity. 
Crystal Liu
Q: Bai Qian and Su Su, which one fits your own interpretation? link to video
A: When talking about Su Su and Bai Qian and their personalities, it’s written in black and white in the book, but does not represent… because every person will have their own imagination and definition, so I don’t think Su Su is someone who accepts things as it comes her way. I think she also has a strong and very different side, which depends whether I dare to act it out or not. So in that respect, I feel they’re both unique. 
Q: Relationship with Tuan Zi link to video
A: I wanted to build a relationship when I first met him. I once played a widow with a daughter around 8 or 9 years old, so that was also an instance where I needed to build a relationship that’s why with Tuan Zi, I had this experience, so I say develop rapport first. As a result, our relationship became very good afterwards. He is very sweet, a very playful little kid.  
Update: Bazaar China has released images from the photoshoot on their official weibo
Crystal Liu


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