Aaron Kwok married at 51

Aaron Kwok Wedding


Most of you have probably heard about Aaron Kwok’s wedding already, but I’m writing this at the behest of a friend so just in case you haven’t heard…. On April 18, 2017, Aaron Kwok bid his bachelor status goodbye. He is what you would call Hollywood royalty on this side of the world and also known as of one the Four Heavenly Kings that include Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai

He has certainly been linked to a number of woman throughout his long-running career but it almost seemed like he was never going to settle down, that is until he met Chinese model Moka Fang. It was an odd pairing for many especially when you consider the couple’s twenty-two-year age gap but it’s always nice when a love story gets a happily ever after.

Aaron Kwok Wedding Julian Cheung
After dating for nearly two years, the 51-year-old Aaron Kwok married the 29-year-old Moka Fang at The Peninsula Hong Kong. The event was relatively small and low-key and efforts were made to keep away from the media. Even so, it was elegant and classy, fitting for a man of Aaron Kwok’s status. Only close friends and family were in attendance though one notable celebrity sighting is Julian Cheung as one of the groomsmen. 
Given how the business works, pregnancy rumors abound with dedicated people dissecting every detail of Moka Fang’s apperance on her big day. True or not, it’s a blessed occasion and congratulations to them. It’s a little funny though that as he was giving his daughter away, the father of the bride literally told Aaron Kwok that he grew up listening to his songs. 
Aaron Kwok Wedding
Source: Sina

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