A different kind of variety show in “72 Floors of Mystery”

72 Floors of Mystery


A new variety show in the works entitled 72 Floors of Mystery is led by Kris Wu, Simon Yam, Leo Wu Lei, Da Zhang Wei and Wang Xiao Li. It is an outdoors mystery reality tv where the stars embark on an exciting adventure in search of lost treasures. There will be competition, teamwork and a fair amount of clue finding involved in a show that combines fantasy and reality. 

Nan Pai San Shu 南派三叔 who is best known for his works like The Lost Tomb and The Mystic Nine is onboard and the entire concept essentially seems like a spin on his signature novels. He shares that the show is loosely based on an old legend. 
William Chan The Mystic Nine
As early as A.D. 67, every newly-established dynasty adds one floor to a mysterious tower that continues to sink over time. It has accumulated up to 72 floors and no one knows where it is located. Guests will be invited to discover the secrets inside the tower and venture out into the cities overcoming obstacles along the way. 
It’s quite fitting that Mystic Nine star William Chan joins as the first guest though a growing list of names that include Sandra Ma, Crystal Zhang, Bai Bai He, Lin Zhi Ling, Zanilia Zhao, etc. have also cropped up for subsequent episodes. Update: Zanilia Zhao joins the cast. 
Filming began on March 29 in Zhang Jia Jie, a world renown scenic location in China. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how it’s all going to work but I am hyped up for something original and out of the box. It’s going to be a gamble unlike tried and tested adaptations based on Korean variety shows but hey, it could work. 

Release Date: May 5, 2017 8:20 p.m. on Hunan TV

72 Floors of Mystery Kris Wu
72 Floors of Mystery Simon Yam
72 Floors of Mystery Leo Wu Lei
72 Floors of Mystery
72 Floors of Mystery
72 Floors of Mystery
72 Floors of Mystery


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