Yang Mi and Mark Chao to return as Bai Qian and Yehua for Bazaar China

Three Lives Three Worlds Yang Mi

Just when you think it’s really over, well surprise! Bazaar China gives a preview of its upcoming issue which brings together Yang Mi and Mark Chao in an effort to allow fans one last bout of nostalgia. 

It’s like the powers that be heard our heart’s desires and invited Bai Qian and Yehua to grace the human world once again. The visuals are heavily inspired by Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms but much more contemporary. Bai Qian didn’t forget to bring her fan, a ‘fox’ and her white sash while Yehua simply brought himself and that’s more than enough. Besides, he’s wearing his signature black. 

Mark Chao
Yang Mi
Mark Chao You Ting
Yang Mi
Mark Chao
Yang Mi
Mark Chao
Source: Bazaar China


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