Upcoming C-dramas in March and April 2017

Legend of Chusen Season 2


With General and I and Eternal Love out of the picture, the c-drama scene has quieted down significantly and probably won’t pick up until after a few months when costume dramas return for the summer. As there aren’t many dramas that I’m dying to share, I’ve combined some shows for the next two months. 

Legend of Chusen Season 2 (March 1 Beijing TV and Anhui TV)
Initially available online for VIP users only, season 2 finally secures a television broadcast to continue the fantasy adventure of Zhang Xiao Fan as he becomes a member of Gui Wang Zong. Starring Li Yi Feng, Zhao Li Ying and Yang Zi. 

Because of Meeting You (March 2 Hunan TV)
A melodrama about a delivery girl who dreams of becoming successful in the world of embroidery. Starring Sun Yi and Deng Lun. 

Battle at the Dawn (March 3 Dragon TV, Beijing TV and QQ Tencent)
A police chief crosses paths with a female spy during a mission in a Republican-era drama about heroes fighting for the country. Starring Wang Qian Yuan and Cecilia Liu Shi Shi. 

Battle at the Dawn


Ice Fantasy Destiny (March 8 QQ Tencent)
The sequel brings back most of the original cast for a modern day version of Ice Fantasy. Starring Feng Shao Feng, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Ma Tianyu and Zhang meng
A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2 (March 13 Hunan TV and Mango TV)

The sequel brings back a new cast to tell a fantasy romance about twin sisters falling for the same man. Starring Leon Zhang and Kan Qing Zi. 

Razor (March 20 Dragon TV and Beijing TV)
Another spy thriller about patriotism graces the small screen about a police station in Harbin during the Republican era. Starring Wen Zhang and Ma Yili

In the Name of People (March 28 Hunan TV)
A deeper look into China’s top anti-corruption agency and the high-profile cases that they encounter. Starring Lu Yi.

The Glory of Tang Season 2 (Apr 3 Beijing TV)
An epic historical drama about a woman who rises above the odds to earn her place in the palace. Starring Jing Tian and Ren Jialun. 

Lightning c-drama


Lightning (April 12 Hunan TV and Mango TV)

A sports-themed drama about athletes hoping to become champions in the fencing world. Starring Jiang Jin Fu and George Hu.

The Fox’s Summer (April 4 Tencent QQ)
A love story between a girl who lies like no other and her boss who is physically allergic to liars. Starring Tan Song Yun and Jiang Chao. 

Heirs (April 14 Dragon TV and QQ Tencent)
A lawyer and his assistant end up working together to fight legal battles of their own. Starring Hawick Lau and Jiang Xin.

Fighter of the Destiny
Fighter of the Destiny (April 17 Hunan TV)

A young man leaves the comforts of his home to journey the ends of the earth in search of a cure for his illness and he encounters a magical adventure along the way. Starring Luhan, Gulnezer Bextiyar and Janice Wu. 

Surgeons (April 17 Beijing TV and Zhejiang TV)
A skilled surgeon finds employment in a hospital because of a personal agenda to uncover the truth behind his tragic past. Starring Jin Dong and Bai Bai He. Available with eng subs on viki

Taichi Master (April 17 PPTV)
A story about love, family and country revolving around a man who later becomes a formidable taichi master. Starring Kevin Cheng and Tina Tang Yixin.

April Star (April 18 Jiangsu TV and Anhui TV)
A story revolving around a news anchor and her businessman boyfriend, yet they constantly wear a mask to hide the secrets that they keep. Starring Nicky Wu and Qi Wei. Available with eng subs on viki

Royal Sister Returns (April 21)
A miss from a wealthy family finds herself without a home after disobeying her father’s wishes, yet she perseveres and works her way to become an established fashion designer. Starring Ady An and Zhu Yi Long. 

Operation Love Zhang Yixing Lay


Operation Love (April 17 April 24 Dragon TV)

Adapted from the Japanese drama Operation Proposal, a man tries to change the past in order to win the heart of a girl he loves. Starring Zhang Yixing Lay and Chen Duling.  

Psychologist (April 24 Tencent QQ)
A psychologist becomes embroiled in a psychological war against a crime organization. Starring Qiao Zhenyu and Tina Tang Yixin. 

Hua Xin Shi (April 24 Tencent QQ)
Two opposing factions butt heads in Hua Xin Shi. Starring Xiong Zi Qi and Zhu Xu Dan. 

Song of Phoenix (April 28 Hunan TV and iQiYi)
A historical drama revolving around Qu Yuan, a hero who lived during the Warring States Era. Starring Ma Ke, Viann Zhang, Yi Yang Qian Xi Qiao Zhenyu. Available with eng subs on viki

The Devotion of Suspect X (March 31) –> Movie
A Chinese adaptation based on a Japanese novel of the same name revolving around an intense psychological thriller to find the truth behind a mystery. Starring Wang Kai, Zhang Lu Yi and Ruby Lin.


Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice (April 21) –> Movie

A romantic comedy about an unlikely couple. Starring Dilraba Dilmurat, Leon Zhang Yunlong and Vengo Gao Weiguang.

The Mysterious Family (April 21) –> Movie
A suspense thriller about a family of four who harbors dark secrets of their own. Starring Ariel Lin, Jiang Wu, Chen Xiao, Kara Hui and Blue Lan. 

This Is Not What I Expected (April 28) –> Movie
A food connoisseur falls in love with the delectable creations of one chef yet their personalities cannot be more different. Starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu.

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