“Eternal Love” leading in ratings online and on TV

“Eternal Love” leading in ratings online and on TV
Eternal Love Three Lives Three Worlds


Ever since Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 climbed its way to number one on Feb. 11, the show has been holding steady, garnering CSM52 viewership ratings around the 1.6xx range on Dragon TV for the past couple weeks and breaking past 1.0 on Zhejiang TV (note that both are being broadcasted on the same timeslot). 
Its afternoon broadcast on Anhui TV is in first place as well but on top of all of that, web broadcasts are estimated to have accumulated an astounding 25 billion views. Update: 30 billion over views as of the series finale. In fact, its leads Yang Mi and Mark Chao are now being dubbed as gufu and gugu in reference to their respective characters as a married couple. They’re both married in real life though and not to each other. 

It’s insane how well the show is doing but actually not that insane given that everything about it is incredibly from casting to the script to the one of a kind cinematography that I have honestly never seen before. Tonight welcomes the finale and it remains to be seen just how high ratings can go. Despite what transpired in last night’s episode, I’m crossing my fingers for a happy ending. 

Eternal Love Three Lives Three Worlds
Si Yin Eternal Love


Source: Sina, Weibo


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