Big Name Actors Lead the Korean Action Film “Master”

Omg. Handsomeness overload! Step aside Tom Cruise, and make way for the Korean action film about swindling and corruption. I’m going to be fairly honest here and say that I am incredibly biased when it comes to Kang Dong Won, if I had to pick someone who personifies the word ‘cool’ then he is my official definition. What I’m basically getting at is that I love his movies and think he’s sizzling in his roles.

Side note: I’m sorry for picking on Tom, he was just the first person to pop into my head.

Alongside Kang Dong Won are big name actors such as Lee Byung Hun and Kim Woo Bin. I am so happy to see Woo Bin in a bigger production, a film with actors of high caliber in order to erase Uncontrollably Fond from my brain (for the record, the drama’s demise had nothing to do with him since he was great, he’s always great). I should also warn readers that if I’ve perked your interest then you should be warned – this is a long film. It’s over two hours long so don’t attempt watching this unless you have the patience, like action and crime, or happen to be home…you’ll need bathroom and food breaks in between.


Master is the action movie about grand scale swindling and fraud as a special crime investigation team tries to crack down on a company called Won Network. Kim Jae Myung (Kang Dong Won) is the head of the investigation unit, who’s aggressive and intelligent with a single goal – to put the bad guys behind bars, even willing to dabble in con-artistry. 

Chasing President Jin (Lee Byung Hun) of Won Network, who’s the ultimate con artist, he’ll look for cracks within the fraudulent company in order to reveal it’s corruption. He’ll even try to use Park Jang Goon (Kim Woo Bin) the brains of the entire company as an inside man in order to retrieve conclusive evidence and stay one step ahead of President Jin.

It’s a film that deals with mind-boggling amounts of money and questions alliances since con artists break moral rules easily, defying the old phrase, “as thick as thieves” since their master is money itself. I was quite shocked when I discovered how such a transparent company on the outside could be so corrupt within, and all the ways in which they destroy evidence or evade the law. 
I found it to be a pleasant watch, it’s ‘clean’ in the sense that there’s no sex and drugs, which seems to be a typical recurring theme and dare I even say foundational in action films with similar formats so I welcomed this with open arms. If I had to describe it I’d say it’s clean and classic, a wholesome film that’s solid while being a good pick for any occasion, whether you watch it with family and friends or even alone.

Release Date: December 21, 2016


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