Hu Ge to take a break from acting, receives a surprise sendoff

Hu Ge takes a break from acting


After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Hu Ge will be heading for the US to pursue further studies. On one hand, I am happy for him but on the other hand, I am sad because what it means for the rest of us is that there will be no more Hu Ge indefinitely. And here I thought that celebrity farewells were reserved for k-actors leaving for the army. I am still waiting for you, Lee Seung Gi

On Feb. 26, Hu Ge and Jin Dong who played brothers in Disguiser and resumed the bromance in Nirvana in Fire walked the red carpet together during the 2017 Chinese Drama Awards. The two appearing next to each other is already a sight to behold but even more newsworthy is the fact that Hu Ge finally spilled the beans about his plans for the year. He said, “Actually, it’s not that secretive, it is just to study.” 

Hu Ge 2017 Chinese Drama Awards
Jin Dong jokingly added that he’d want to go as a study buddy and said that he would try to do less dramas in order to visit Hu Ge when he has time. When asked to offer his advice, Jin Dong acted the part of a caring brother and said, “Study well, don’t study well, it’s not that important. Just return safely is good enough.”

When asked how long he will be away, Hu Ge responded, “In Disguiser, when Ming Tai went to study he came back in a while, no matter what he decides, he cannot escape big brother’s Five Fingers Mountain.” 

Hu Ge 2017 Chinese Drama Awards
Later that night, Hu Ge was surprised onstage when he went to accept the Excellence Quality Star Award. After giving his speech, his longtime co-star Ariel Lin, Zha Xi Dun Shuo and a few fans joined Yuan Hong who was already onstage as the presenter. The three apparently flew in from Taiwan, Canada and US just for the occasion and they shared their well wishes for Hu Ge’s next journey.

Looking extremely emotional, Hu Ge expressed his earnest appreciation in saying that he had expected to leave quietly but got a full-blown sendoff instead. He ended that many people may not agree or understand his decision but he believes that art is long lasting and that he will definitely come back, he will come back better.

Although Hu Ge hasn’t decided on a specialization, he did post a weibo back in 2011 sharing an exam result from 2001 where it listed his major as directing.  

Hu Ge


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