Character Introductions: My Ruby My Love

Character Introductions: My Ruby My Love
Nicky Wu My Ruby My Love

My Ruby My Love 一粒红尘 takes its viewers into a world of jewelers as the protagonists work together in search of a priceless red ruby. Along the way comes a tale of romance between a woman finding her dreams and a man who believes in her.

Nicky Wu as Qi Tang, the GM and head of design for Chen Shi Jewelry. He is a cunning man who never minces words but beneath the facade is a romantic. He learns that Ye Zhao Jue is a genius in the field of design so he takes her under his wing, initially playing the role of an impossible boss but slowly falling for her in the process. 

Ying Er My Ruby My Love

Ying Er as Ye Zhao Jue, a young woman who can barely keep up with her responsibilities. With only her meager waves from working in a department store, she supports herself, her boyfriend and her mother. She is also incredibly gifted and a chance encounter with Qi Tang brings her into the world of high-end jewelry.  
Ye Zu Xin My Ruby My Love
Ye Zu Xin as Min Lang is a bar owner who is carefree but also a hapless romantic. He has always been in love with Xu Wan Lai, willing to give up everything for her sake. 
 My Ruby My Love Ming Ren Yan Kai
Ming Ren Yan Kai as Jian Chen Ye is Ye Zhao Jue’s boyfriend and a lady killer. He is a painter with purist ideals but his pride is also his biggest downfall. He is poor but unwilling to compromise his love for art, refusing to make money off his paintings and choosing to live off of his girlfriend instead. 

Mi Lu My Ruby My Love
Mi Lu as Qiao Chu, a lawyer who is fierce, highly capable and also beautiful. She met Ye Zhao Jue when they were neighbors and became good friends ever since. However, she harbors her own weakness, unable to look beyond her love for Min Lang. 
Yang Yang My Ruby My Love
Yang Yang as Shao Qing Yu, a young woman from a rich family. 

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