A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2 (2017)

 Special Beautiful Man
If heroes with supernatural abilities are your kind of thing, then A Different Kind of Pretty Man may be just what you need as it returns with a new sequel and a new title called Special Beautiful Man 不一样的美男子2.

The 25-episode Chinese fantasy drama tells a story about twin sisters who fall for the same man. There is no mention of anyone having powers whatsoever but I’m guessing that that it has to be fantastical given the show heavy on the science fiction. 
The series stars Leon Zhang (Xuan Yuan Sword), Kan Qing Zi (Paris is Not in a Good Mood), Cui Shao Han, Jiang Yu Xi, Lin Xi Yuan and Andy Chen Yi (Princess of Lanling King). 
The entire cast made up mainly of rookies and rising stars seems a great fit for a randomly quirky premise. While I don’t expect anything spectacular, I am hoping that it can turn out to be a fun watch. Besides, Kan Qing Zi who blew me away in Sparrow will be playing the twins, one evil and one good and I have to say, that girl can really act. 
Release Date: March 13, 2017 Mango TV and Hunan TV
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Leon Zhang Special Beautiful Man
Kan Qing Zi Special Beautiful Man
Cui Shan Han Special Beautiful Man
Jiang Yu Xi Special Beautiful Man
Andy Chen Yi Special Beautiful Man
Xie Bin Bin Special Beautiful Man
A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2
A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2
A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2
A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2

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