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Whose Youth Is Not Rebellious 谁的青春不叛逆 is a 44-episode Chinese drama about two brothers whose lives are interchanged because of an accident. It stars Alan Yu MenglongRachel Mao XiaotongLiang Dawei, Yin Qi and Guo Le.  

Lu Yin is a no-nonsense high level exec who assumes his younger brother’s identity as a simple-minded PE student. Lu Xiang takes up his older brother’s mantel in the corporate world and crosses paths with a career woman named Tang Shi. 

Alan Yu Meng Long Whose Youth Is Not RebelliousMao Xiao Tong Whose Youth Is Not Rebellious
The plot sounds like a cross between school sports and workplace romance given the storylines involving the brothers though it seems to stick to one recipe about finding success. 
That aside, can we please take a moment to appreciate Alan Yu and Mao Xiaotong who have finally landed their leading roles?
Whose Youth is Not Rebellious
Ever since playing the second lead in Go Princess Go, Alan Yu has taken supporting roles in The Fated General, Xuan Yuan Sword and All Out of Love. His most recent appearance in the hit drama Three Lives Three Worlds has won him even more fans. If that sounds like a lot, then Mao Xiao Tong has an even more longer resume with roles in Legend of Zhen Huan and Romance of the Condor Heroes.
Last year saw her rise to fame as the ditsy yet lovable sidekick in Just One Smile is Very Alluring and again as a woman obsessed with love in Princess Weiyoung. She played the second lead in both as characters that were supposed to look plain as day but not this time. I’m looking forward to seeing her shine as the leading lady. 
Release Date: November 3, 2019 Mango TV (two episodes every Sunday-Tuesday at 8pm, 8 episodes released in advance for VIP)

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Whose Youth Is Not Rebellious
 Whose Youth is Not Rebellious Alan Yu
 Whose Youth is Not Rebellious Mao Xiao Tong
Liang Da Wei Whose Youth is Not Rebellious


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