The “Sword of Legends” Cast: Where Are They Now?

It has been a few years since Legend of the Ancient Sword (Sword of Legends) premiered and its cast has only risen in popularity to become household names in their own right. Coincidentally, a number of them are sharing the spotlight in recent weeks due to news of their upcoming projects. 

Li Yi Feng

Li Yi Feng (Sparrow) becomes a gambler in Animal House 动物世界, a Chinese film adapted from the Japanese manga Ultimate Survivor Kaiji, which warranted an anime series and two live action films starring Tatsuya Fujiwara. It tells a story based on the first book of the Kaiji series that revolves around a dangerous game on a cruise ship. The cast and crew skips the elaborate ceremonies and delves right into filming which has began this month in Hainan. 

Yang Mi
Yang Mi who is winning everyone over as Bai Qian in Eternal Love has finally been confirmed as the leading lady for Legend of Fuyao 扶摇皇后, another epic costume drama that is estimated to start filming in May. She will be playing a strong female character who is intelligent, bold, free-spirited and highly-skilled in martial arts.
William Chan
William Chan (Legend of Zu) will be playing opposite Bai Bai He in Only Side By Side With You 南方有乔木 to tell a modern day romance between two people from very different worlds. Filming is expected to begin this March with location shoots in Shanghai and Guangzhou. 
Dilraba Dilmurat


Dilraba Dilmurat (Pretty Li Hui Zhen) has a number of new projects lined up as she joins the cast of Running Man China, headlines the highly-anticipated prequel to Legend of Qin and lands the titular role of Ru Ge in the palace drama Liehuo Ruge
Liang Sheng Why Must We Be Sorrowful Ma Tianyu


Ma Tianyu joins Wang Kai and Wang Da Lu in the upcoming remake of the epic John Woo classic A Better Tomorrow. Filming began in Qingdao and will likely last for more than month. He will also resume his starring role in Ice Fantasy Destiny which begins airing March 8, 2017.
Zheng Shuang Just One Smile is Very Alluring


Zheng Shuang seems to be shopping for her next drama after filming for Rush to the Dead Summer ended last year but whatever she chooses will surely be highly-anticipated since her charming portrayal of Wei Wei in Just One Smile is Very Alluring became a certified success. 

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