Valentine’s Day Binge Watch

If you’re a single pringle spending Valentine’s Day all by your lonesome self, then the best way to devote February 14th is by indulging to all the chocolate your heart desires, while watching some sappy short-length drama series or some cringe-worthy web drama. 

They’re not as complex or time consuming, making them perfect for binge-watchers who have a low tolerance, and their light approach to substance and genre will leave you feeling good; you won’t have to sacrifice sleep or cumulate dark eye circles – Let’s be honest here, no one likes waking up with panda eyes the next morning. 

Episodes range from anywhere from 5 to 20 episodes, and are usually 15 mins in length, if not shorter, essentially allowing you to watch an entire series in the same time it would normally take you to watch the first couple of episodes of a regular-timed drama. Phew. That was a lot of math, so let’s get right into it!

Note: The numbers do NOT indicate ranking – they’re in no particular order.

1. High End Crush starring Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yun

Can Jung II Woo always play roles like this please? It’s a typical rags to riches story with a modern day twist, as the heroine falls in love with a Director of an idol company. I won’t spoil too much but I have to say this has got to be my favourite role he’s ever played ?

High End Crush k-drama

2. Noble My Love starring Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung 

If you’r a stickler for perfect chemistry then this is the drama for you. I’m not bashing shows where age gaps are fairly wide, but sometimes people with the best chemistry tend to be closer in age (please don’t hurt me if you disagree!) It’s a cute and light drama about a CEO and Veterinarian. I also find this drama refreshing because it’s outside of the student-sphere of high school and college romance. You’ll also find this a great watch if you happen to be a fellow animal lover!

Noble My Love k-drama

3. Go Ho’s Starry Night starring Kwon Yuri and Kim Young Kwang 

This one is for those of us who want a change of scenery from high school uniforms and cute, after school dates to ordinary people in the workplace – I loved all the dynamics of this office romance. I also appreciate how well the male lead treats our heroine; you can’t help but love him from the get go. The cast is solid, and my only complaint would have to be Kwon Yuri’s cringe-inducing crying. Girl, if you’re going to sob then it should be done in a way where I’m not left laughing…just sayin’ ?

Go Ho's Starry Night k-drama

4. Thumping Spike 2 starring Kim So Eun and Lee Won Geun

Ah yes, nothing says romance like a clash between a bookworm who’s an introvert and the popular socialite, who’s an athlete. This drama will have you rubbing your temples if you try to make sense of it’s logic or you’ll just coo and aww at how cute the main couple is. Personally, Lee Won Geun’s million-dollar smile left me weak in the knees and wanting more. It’s a sweet college romance that’ll have you wishing for those summer, school days.

Thumping Spike 2 k-drama
5. Choco Bank starring Park Eun Bin and Kim Jong In (EXO’s Kai)

Probably the only drama on the list that actually correlates the most with Valentine’s Day since there’s lots and lots of chocolate involved. It tells the story of a struggling Chocolatier and an unemployed man who tries to get hired at banks with his financial know-how. Business partners turned lovers, this drama is an easy watch and by far one of my favourite female leads – she’s got a backbone. 

Choco Bank k-drama

6. After School Lucky or Not starring Kim So Eun and 5urprise (Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, Yoo II, Kang Tae Oh, and Lee Tae Hwan)

And when you’re sick of all the romance and just want a good laugh, with a side of bizarreness then this group of lovable idiots makes this one drama you won’t want to miss. We all could use a good dose of bromance, but this anime-like show takes it to a different level as they form a club with the strangest daily missions. 

After School Lucky or Not k-drama
7. Splash Splash Love – Honourable Mention & Top Pick (it was our first k-drama recommendation in 2016) starring Kim Seul Gie and Yoon Doo Joon

What can I say other than this is a great fusion of saeguk and time travel. It has everything from romance to burst out loud comedy and then serious elements as well. The chemistry is simply phenomenal and Yoon Doo Joon has never captured my attention till this series. It’s also the only series on the list with a gender-bender element to it, effortlessly depicting the sweet friendship of a eunuch and king that turns into a budding romance. You might be thinking it already, it’s basically a condensed version of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds but for the record, this one came first ?

Splash Splash Love k-drama

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