Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
How can you not love a drama about girl power? And in the literal sense at that! Ha. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 힘쎈여자 도봉순 might be the adorable rom-com for you if you want a girl who’s stronger than the guys but equally as cute.

Park Bo Young plays feisty, Do Bong Soon who can’t handle injustice being done to her fellow ladies, while giving the rotten bad guys a run for their money with her extreme physical strength. Although she gives off a ‘tough gal’ image, she’s like any other girl, falling head over heels over a childhood crush, In Gook Do played by Ji Soo, who unfortunately likes his girls elegant, the textbook feminized version of what a girl should be…man c’mon! Can’t you see the advantages of having a strong girlfriend?

She ends up landing a job as a bodyguard to a CEO of a gaming company, An Min Hyuk played by Park Hyung Shik. He’s egotistical, demanding, and spoiled – basically your typical chaebol troublemaker…I’m already mentally preparing myself to internally swear at his lack of civility.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
It’s a rom-com about clashing personalities, the typical opposites attract and I can’t wait to see how the chemistry will work, plus I could use something cute to make my week worthwhile in the dead of winter. It’s a fresh concept, and gives off a comic-book or manga like vibe that seems out of the ordinary. But hey, new ideas are always welcomed and the main leads have been promising in other drama roles; combined together, they might create something unforgettable.
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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Release Date: February 24, 2017 on JTBC (Eng Sub available on DramaFever)

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