Panda Weekly #2, Lin Yun’s Teeth Looks Different?


Here’s something you don’t hear everyday. Lin Yun has become the talk of the town because of her teeth. The up and coming actress shot to stardom after her first acting job in Mermaid and appeared on the Chinese variety show Happy Camp last week to promote Journey to the West 2

Oddly enough, the buzz is not over the movie but over how much her face has changed given her new set of perfectly lined pearly whites and much slimmer look. The actress poked fun at the situation by posting on weibo, “After getting off the plane, I hear my teeth is trending, I already bid my dental mold goodbye, pay attention to my teeth, pay more attention to Journey to the West 2.” 


On January 19, Du Hai Tao (Cook Up A Storm), one of the regular members of Happy Camp, posted a picture of Shen Meng Chen (New Dragon Gate Inn) covered in mud for the military themed reality show called It Takes a Real Man
As an alumni of the same show who was once hospitalized because of an accident, he calls the scene very beautiful and praises the experience but really, it sounds like a confession to Shen Meng Chen who has long been rumored to be his girlfriend. 
IU Jiyeon
Singer-songwriter and actress IU (23) was taking up the headlines last week because of her breakup with Jang Kiha (34). The two have always been an unconventional couple due to differences in image and age and they have decided to part amicably after dating since 2013. 
I remember the days when IU and T-ara’s Jiyeon were inseparable and it seems that Jiyeon (23) who is in a similar scenario for dating actor Lee Dong Gun (36) since 2015 has also recently called it quits.

Update March 2017
: I don’t know what is going on this year but Former F(x) member Choi Sulli (22) who is also IU’s longtime friend has also recently broken up.
 Her dating status is undoubtedly the most controversial of the three ladies because of how much she has changed in the public eye since she began dating Choiza (36). They were together for three years.   
Sulli Iu
F(x) member Victoria Song (Ice Fantasy) turned the big 3-0 on Feb 2, 2017 where she spent her special day on the set of the Sword of Legends movie. She is seen happily devouring a rainbow cake and even shared on her weibo that she celebrated both her actual birthday and lunar new year birthday during the past two days. 
Victoria Song 2017 birthday
Victoria Song 2017 birthday
Victoria Song 2017 birthday

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