Love Actually (2017)

Love Actually Chinese drama


Love Actually 人间至味是清欢 is a 42-episode Chinese romance drama starring Joe Chen (Stay With Me) as yet another ambitious career woman opposite Tong Da Wei (Tiger Mom) who plays an IT engineer. It’s funny how their professions seem like the choice of work in dramaland nowadays. 

She is daring and driven as she focuses all her efforts towards achieving her dreams while he is someone who always ends up in unexpected situations but finds his way out of it, every single time. The two are different as night and day, giving way to many misunderstandings. laughters and tears.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi Bo stars in his very first Chinese drama as the second lead. The young actor plays a character who falls in love with the heroine at first sight though it probably won’t end well since he’s playing second fiddle in this one. Wang Yi Bo and Joe Chen have quite an age gap as he’s 18 years her junior. The cast also includes Lin Peng, Zhu Gangriyao, Lai Jing, Zhu Yuxin and Xie Shuai to complete the story about the ups and downs of people living in the city. 

Release Date: August 15, 2017 Hunan TV

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Tong Dawei Love Actually c-drama
Joe Chen Love Actually c-drama
Wang Yi Bo  Love Actually c-drama
Lin Peng  Love Actually c-drama
Zhu Gangriyao  Love Actually c-drama
Lai Jiao  Love Actually c-drama
Zhu Yuxin  Love Actually c-drama
Xie Shuai Love Actually c-drama

Love Actually Tong Da Wei
Love Actually Joe Chen
Love Actually Joe Chen
Love Actually Joe Chen
Love Actually Joe Chen
Love Actually Joe Chen


Love Actually c-drama
Love Actually c-drama
Love Actually Character Poster Tong Dawei
Love Actually Character Poster Joe Chen
Love Actually


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