First Impressions: Chief Kim (2017)

Chief Kim k-drama
Hopefully this is one office drama that doesn’t leave me feeling regretful *cough* I’m glaring at you Introverted Boss. I happen to be a huge fan of the vast majority of the cast, which is solid, not to mention the decent ratings, so I’m already convinced that this will be a satisfactory watch at the very least. I know this sounds more skeptical than optimistic but office shows are either a hit or miss. I’m praying for this one to be good ?

Chief Kim depicts corporate politics and internal company issues when a proficient Accountant, Kim Sung Ryong (Nam Goong Min) who handles money for gangsters finds himself at TQ, a depraved company. He works at the business department as a middle manager in the hopes of embezzling funds, but his interactions with his fellow employees and scheming directors change his mind. Instead, he finds himself fighting off corruption and standing up for employee rights in order to bring about structural and organizational change.

Chief Kim k-drama
Sometimes in order to fight the bad guys you need to be one yourself, and working with gangsters has probably given Kim Sung Ryong a perceptive eye for deceit. It’s this angle that has me looking froward to justice being served. I’d like to think that the drama is making a larger critique – the “jobs” we believe to be valuable and of worth might not reflect people in those positions as being morally or humanly right; they belittle others and that makes their human worth fairly low. Okay so I’m being nice…they’re straight up scum!
Instead of someone extraordinarily powerful, it’s the guy with bright hair and gang affiliation who’s going to save the day and stick it to the man. More power to the people right? I’m hoping for greatly executed comedy, and a drama that tackles the very real issues of the workplace in a light, meaningful way. But it’s Nam Goong Min so I have reason enough to give this a try ?
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Chief Kim k-drama
Release Date: January 25, 2017 on KBS2 (Eng Sub available on Viki )

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