Character Introductions: Son of Hero

Character Introductions: Son of Hero

Gavin Gao Son of Hero

Without big names to fire up the hype, Son of Hero 惊天岳雷 may just never secure an air date which is unfortunate given that it sounds like one of the more promising historical dramas that I’ve come across as it revolves around a legendary hero during the Song Dynasty.
Gavin Gao takes the lead as Yue Lei, the second son of Yue Fei who is revered till this day for being a patriot and a hero. Yue Lei had a rebellious streak when he was young. He was thoughtless and insolent, yet a conspiracy results in the deaths of his father and brother that ignites his quest for justice.

Gavin Gao Son of Hero

Li Man is Xia Yun Fei, a young woman who is fearless and unwavering. She encounters Yue Lei by chance and becomes embroiled in a dangerous affair. From a naive young woman from the village, she leaves everything and learns the importance of love and the ruthlessness of politics. 

Li Man Son of Hero

Zhu Zi Xiao is Ah Cong, a prince who has no interest in palace affairs but has an obsession for martial arts, spending thousands of gold just to be able to learn well.

Zhu Zi Xiao Son of Hero

Ashton Chen is a man with enormous strength and a head full of golden hair. He seems wild and uncouth on the outside but on the inside is a person who enjoys experimenting and dabbling with ballistics. He is Yue Lei’s most loyal friend and partner. 

Ashton Chen Son of Hero

Liu Yu Xin is Qin E, the adopted daughter of chancellor Qin Kuai.

Zhang Zi Jian is Chancellor Qin Kuai, a man abhorred throughout history for being a traitor.

Deng Lin is Jin Pu Zi, the most beloved daughter of a famous general of Jin. 

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