C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (February 2017)

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Although the month of February saw new players entering the ratings game, General and I remained in first reaching as high as 1.723 on its final week. It wasn’t until the show ended on Feb. 10 that Three Lives Three Worlds took over but it wasn’t always smooth sailing for a show which landed in 3rd, 4th and even 7th place at one point. 

Netizens doubted the cast especially when it came to Mark Chao who was far from the immaculate god that many envisioned. I wasn’t fond of the premiere either but boy was I wrong as the show continued to impress with stellar production values that can convert the biggest skeptics into avid fans.  
Given the simultaneously broadcast on Dragon and Zhejiang TV, it’s a feat to rank 1st and 3rd with ratings in both networks breaking past 1.0, and its success brings welcome news for the entire cast whose popularity has been surging as a result. 
Case in point, Mark Chao is number four in the celebrity top ten and as much as I always appreciated him sa an actor, he hasn’t exactly been on top of people’s minds compared to popular idols like Li Yi Feng, William Chan and Ma Tianyu who are close to him in age.
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Love Just Come is sandwiched in between the two servings of Three Lives Three Worlds at 2nd somtimes 3rd and I’m admittedly curious to about this unassuming drama which has managed to do so well in spite of the lack of big names. 
Weekend Parents is talked about because of a scandal that involved Yang Mi, Hawick Lau and Wang Ou. To sum up the gossip, Yang Mi is married to Hawick Lau who allegedly cheated on her with Wang Ou. Paparazzi caught him going over to Wang Ou’s hotel room at night and staying there for hours. The actor later explained that it was to discuss the script since they were filming for Legend of the Jade Sword
Back to business, Weekend Parents is currently in 4th right behind Three Lives Three Worlds though it would have been awkward if it was the other way around. 
The Glory of Tang Dynasty seems to have its fair share of fans but the ratings tell a bleak future, falling to 7th and 11th last Wednesday at 0.607 and 0.493.
The Starry Night The Starry Sea climbs to number one as it airs during a no contest time slot and on a major network at that. Legend of the Condor Heroes which airs only twice a week and also at 10:00 p.m. has a ways to go but churning out decent numbers for what it gives. 
Top Ten Vlinkage February
Top Dramas (Feb. 18, 2017)
1. Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
2. The Glory of Tang Dynasty
3. The Starry Night the Starry Sea
4. Shuang Xi Ying Men 
5. Detective Samoyeds aka Righteous Arduor of Chang An
6. Love Just Come
7. Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017
8. Zhang Huo Zhong De Xiong Di
9. Full Love aka Weekend Parents
10. Just One Smile is Very Alluring
Top Celebrities (Feb. 18, 2017)
1. Yang Mi
2. Dilraba Dilmurat
3. Ren Jia Lun
4. Mark Chao
5. Jing Tian
6. Zheng Shuang
7. Qin Jun Jie
8. Yang Yang
9. Shu Chang
10. Zhao Li Ying
* View count is based on the nine streaming sites (Youku, Tudou, iQiyi, QQ Tencent, LeTV, PPTV, Xunlei, Sohu, Mango) 
** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc.

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