“Eternal Love” Bloopers You Need to See

“Eternal Love” Bloopers You Need to See
Yang Mi Cat
I don’t know how many of you guys are keeping up with Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 but I’m on episode 26 and the angst is in full blast. It’s hard to watch the heartbreaking developments but even harder to keep away, so it’s a much needed reprieve to come across some behind the scenes footage that are too funny not to share. 
It’s nice to see that beneath the heavy drama is a cast of goofballs finding laughter in between takes. And yes, Yang Mi (Les Interpretes) adopted her cat co-star who was given the name Shi Xiong aka Martial Senior by Mark Chao (The Warriors Gate). 
Warning: Do not scroll down if you don’t want to see gag reels of scenes you haven’t seen before. 

Mark Chao is utterly defeated by Yang Mi’s one line, “Does the Dong Huang Bell have the power to destroy the heavens and extinguish the lands?” MC: Laughs his head off

Master and student learn the art of the crazy snake kung fu created by none other than Master Mo Yuan himself when he’s not in character that is. 

After being asked whether he had a hard time filming the scene where gulps down water repeatedly, Alan Yu Menglong shares that he was thirsty to begin with. 

Superman Vengo Gao carries Dilraba Dilmurat and drops her?!

The real reason why Ye Hua does not love Su Jin is because she can’t do her job properly. 

Mark Chao and Yang Mi experience a wedding day of many mishaps but at least they’ve got adorable hand warmers. 

Mark Chao brushes his teeth before a kissing scene because that’s what movie stars do. Unequipped with a toothbrush of her own, Yang Mi jokes about bringing on the garlic instead. 

The entire cast wishes everyone a happy new year by rapping.


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