Panda Weekly #1, for a dose of celebrity gossip in C-ent

Panda Weekly #1, for a dose of celebrity gossip in C-ent
The Great Wall


As someone who reads way too much celebrity gossip, I often want to share what’s trending despite failing horribly whenever it gets lost under a pile of stuff. To fix this, I’m trying out a new thing where I cram everything into one post. Please pardon the title until I come up with a better one. 

There were alarming reports that Chinese superstar Andy Lau (55 years old) who was most recently seen in the movie Great Wall was severely injured after being thrown off a horse while shooting a commercial in Thailand on January 17. 

He was flown to Hong Kong for further treatment and his management company released a statement the next day saying that the actor sustained pelvic lacerations. They also said that he is safe and well cared for by medical staff so everyone need not worry. Thank goodness things don’t seem as bad as it initially sounded and I sincerely hope for his speedy recovery. 

Hu Ge
As if I haven’t overloaded you with enough Hu Ge postings, he is rumored to be leaving for the US to study English in March and heading to NYU to study filmmaking in July. His response, “I have always planned to pursue further studies but where or what it’s going to be has not yet been decided.”

Everyone is reporting that Lin Yun and Feng Shao Feng have broken up though there is no proof or statement to back it up other than an alleged screenshot where the actress claims she is single in response to a friend’s post about not being single on Christmas eve. Is the screenshot legit, who knows?

Yang Mi is forced by her superior to eat dirt on the Chinese version of It Takes A Real Man Season 2. I switched channels because I didn’t want to witness the scene but I’m admittedly curious now that it’s trending. 

Kim Tae Hee Rain Wedding


In Korean entertainment, both the leads of Yong Pal coincidentally take centerstage this week. Kim Tae Hee (36) and Rain (34) got married today, just days after announcing that their engagement while Joo Won (29) is dating Boa (30). 

Chinese athlete Ning Ze Tao is not someone I’d typically cover here but he is certainly hogging up the headlines due to recent controversy over the bad blood between him and his team. 

Even so, he is still quite a popular celebrity with many endorsements. After all, what’s not to like about an insanely good looking champion swimmer with rock hard abs. The new talk of the town is that he might go to Singapore… but then again, they already have Joseph Schooling


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