One more day until the “General and I” premiere

One more day until the “General and I” premiere
General and I


The wait is almost over you guys because General and I 孤芳不自赏 premieres tomorrow January 3 on Hunan TV. The 63-episode behemoth airs two episodes every Monday to Thursday and one episode on Friday and Saturday, which is good news for those who don’t like the wait.
The story is based on a popular novel about the romance between a general and his uber-intelligent muse set during a warring era in Chinese history. It’s an epic historical, romance and action extravaganza, the kind that viewers love, so as long as the script does the story justice and the actors deliver, I have a feeling it’ll be a hit! Cheers to a spectacular 2017! 

General and I
Wallace Chung General and I
Angelababy General and I
Gan Ting Ting General and I
Sean Sun Yizhou General and I
Yu Bo General and I
Mai Di Na General and I
Yuan Hang General and I
Deng Sha General and I
Cheng Hao Feng General and I
Lu Qing General and I

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