If you were wondering whether Hu Ge is a dog person or a cat person..

Hu Ge cats


What can I say, I’m one of those people who can watch endless dog and cat videos without getting bored. I can’t help it because they’re cute, cuddly and they make me happy.

As a diehard Nirvana in Fire fan, I see Hu Ge and I click. Show me Hu Ge publicly displaying his affection for cats (and he has five) and I share. Please just indulge me because it is too cute to see him completely smitten. Did you know that if you type Hu Ge and cats, it’ll just turn up with HUGE CATS? 
Hu Ge cats
Hu Ge cats
Hu Ge cats
Hu Ge catsHu Ge cats2
Hu Ge cats
Hu Ge cats
Hu Ge cats
Hu Ge cats


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