Huang Zi Tao collapses, unable to attend Hunan TV’s New Year Countdown

Huang Zi Tao faints


I feel bad for Huang ZI Tao (A Chinese Odyssey) who can’t seem to catch a break. To think his days of being overworked by SM were supposedly over after leaving EXO and becoming a solo artist but it doesn’t seem to be the case as Tao recently collapsed in Beijing.

He was already sick on Dec. 22 Thursday but turned on the A game as he sat through five interviews for his upcoming movie Railroad Tigers. Reporters commented after the fact that he acted professionally and seemed fine but his body ultimately gave in to fatigue at the airport where he was immediately rushed to a hospital.

Huang Zi Tao faints


Since then, Tao has apologized for being unable to attend subsequent activities for Railroad Tiger and he has also cancelled his appearance on Hunan TV’s New Year Countdown. Hope he gets lot of rest and gets well soon. A similar fainting incident also occurred last October to EXO member Zhang Yixing Lay (The Mystic Nine) at another airport. 

Source: Shangc

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