Celebrity-owned restaurants you didn’t know about

Disguiser Hu Ge


This is turning out to be another I like Hu Ge, I click kind of post. He reportedly invested 5 million with some friends to open a fancy restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine in Shanghai and I really really would love to go. The food looks too good to be eaten but it’s supposedly really good and who knows, the boss may be in the house. He apparently gives huge discounts to friends (or used to) until he was informed that it was losing them money.

Fount Hu Ge restaurant

Address: 570 Yong Jia Lu 5 Zhuang 1st Floor 永嘉路570号5幢1楼 

Eddie Peng restaurant Charmant

Eddie Peng on the other hand is frequently seen promoting his mom’s Taiwanese restaurant also located in Shanghai. It is not a big place but reminiscent of the homely and scrumptious small eats that are popular in Taiwan. And what have we here, it’s Super Junior member Choi Si Won looking satisfied after a big meal. 
小城故事 Charmant
Address: 1414 Huai Hai Zhong Lu 1st Floor (near Fu Xing Xi Lu) 淮海中路1414号1楼(近复兴西路)
Shu Qi
Did you know that Shu Qi is a successful entrepreneur with ten over restaurants across China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. In Shanghai, she is part owner to Old Jesse, a quaint two-story restaurant with a nondescript storefront that is actually extremely popular, always fully booked and frequented by many celebrities.
Old Jesse 老吉士酒家
Address: 41 Tianping Lu (near Huai Hai Lu) 天平路41号(近淮海中路) 
A Shin Mayday Stay Real Cafe
Taiwanese rocker A Shin owns a handful of coffee shops with one branch in Shanghai. It’s an inviting place with a personality and one that is probably dedicated to playing Mayday songs all day. 
Stay Real Cafe
Address: 999 Huai Hai Zhong Lu Huan Mao Guang Chang LG2-245 (Shan Xi Nan Lu) 淮海中路999号环贸广场LG2-245(陝西南路)
Hot No. 1 Huang Xiaoming Li Bing Bing He Jiong Jing boran
Last but not the least is the gigantic food chain with the most celebrity owners that was first started by Huang Xiaoming, Ren Quan and Li Bing Bing. They have expanded the stakeholders to include He Jiong, Huang Bo and Jing Boran and boasts an increasingly expanding hot pot franchise all over China with a vision to open 80-100 branches in three years. It’s a place that unabashadly promotes its star connections and quite successful at attracting celebrities to dine. 
Hot No. 1 热辣壹号
Address: 淮海中路918号百盛商场八楼
Hot No. 1 Hotpot

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