“Candle in the Tomb” television broadcast cancelled


I have some bad news. Joe Chen and Jin Dong’s Candle in the Tomb, which was slated for a simultaneous web and network broadcast on QQ and Dragon TV will no longer air on television and whether its web broadcast will be spared remains to be seen. 

The official statement reasons that changes have to be made to season one though the big elephant in the room is undoubtedly SAPPRFT, China’s broadcast agency, which allegedly flagged the show for supernatural content. 

I honestly always wonder what constitutes the ‘supernatural’ when the bread and butter of Chinese dramas rely heavily on wuxia and xianxia, two genres that are anything but ordinary but who knows.

In its place, Legend of the Condor Heroes will premiere January 9 starring Yang Xu Wen who was effortlessly cool in Legend of Chusen as Qing Long and Li Yi Tong who was first introduced to the public in Demon Girl. 

Source: China News, 365jia


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