Zanilia Zhao Li Ying goes corporate as she joins a tech company as their new VP

Zhao Li Ying


I never thought that I would be posting about finance news but I am because Zanilia Zhao Liying (Legend of Zu) joins Yixia Technology as their Vice President, which is apparently a new trend among stars in the industry. I got lost through most of the business jargon but the gist has got to be that she is officially on the company payroll with an employee badge of her own and given the title of a VP no less. 

Zhao Li YingZhao Li Ying

On a separate occasion just yesterday, she also joins leading entertainment website iQiYi as their chief public relations officer alongside Legend of Zu co-star William Chan who already holds a similar position. It appears that she also spent a day in the office meeting other employees as well as attending meetings. Must’ve been a fun day to be at the office sitting next to one of China’s most popular actresses.

Zhao Li Ying
Zhao Li Ying
Zhao Li Ying
Zanilia Zhao and William Chan


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