Yang Mi confirms for “Legend of Fuyao” with Ethan Ruan as her leading man


Yang Mi (Sword of Legends) is up for the leading role in Legend of Fuyao 扶摇皇后, an upcoming Chinese drama based on a novel by Tian Xia Gui Yuan 天下归元 who also wrote Rise of the Phoenix. Her addition is not without controversy due to rumors that the role was initially supposed to go to Joe Chen (Swordsman).

Nevertheless, Joe Chen’s camp has clarified that they were never approached in the first place. Besides, she’ll have her hands full with Empress Dugu anyway. If Yang Mi confirms and if in fact the drama sticks to the novel (which it most likely won’t), it will be her second time playing a time traveler. 
Yang Mi Fuyao
Fuyao is miles apart from the candy roles that Yang Mi is accustomed to playing when you consider Sword of Legends and Chinese Paladin 3, which is why people question whether she has the acting chops to pull off such a powerful female character. Word is out that the male lead may turn out to be William Chan (The Mystic Nine).
Update: On June 5, both Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan revealed each other as the confirmed leads via a cheeky weibo post. It goes something like this, “How are you? I am Fu Yao / Wu Ji. You are? @YangMi @EthanRuan.” So there you have it, that’s our new leads. Interestingly, Yang Mi will be collaborating with yet another Taiwanese actor after a very successful pairing with Mark Chao. As for the initial Joe Chen rumors, now that her Fated To Love You co-star Ethan Ruan has been confirmed as the lead, I wonder what happened there. 
Ethan Ruan Fuyao


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