These Asian Celebrities Made The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016

TC Candler’s Annual Independent Critics List claims to be the most international, diverse, extensive, original, fascinating and prestigious though I’d take any list attempting to rank based on beauty standards with a grain of salt but hey, it’s well-worth checking if your favorite made the list. 

Similar to previous years, the Asian celebrities are dominated by Korean idols, which is hardly representative of the region as a whole but a testament to the staying power of the hallyu wave. 

99 Donghae Korea
93 Takeshi Kaneshiro Taiwan / Japan
90 U-Kwon Korea
81 Jun China
76 Daniel Padilla Philippines
73 Jaejoong Korea
69 Luhan China
65 Lee Min Ho Korea
60 Taehyung V Korea
55 Jungkook Korea
52 Taecyeon Korea
48 Leehom Wang Taiwan / US
44 Kai Korea
36 Mino Korea 
33 Enrique Gil Philippines
31 Jin Akanishi Japan
28 Kris Wu China / Canada
16 T.O.P. Korea
12 Choi Siwon Korea
7 Godfrey Gao Taiwan / Canada
2 Taeyang Korea

*** On another note, Jon Snow made the top ten as the actor who knows nothing, which is a hilariously ingenious tagline. And believe it or not, Daario Naharis tops the list. Of course, they have real names, with Kit Harrington at number 8 and Michiel Huisman at number 1.

Kris Wu 100 Handsome Faces


Former EXO Member Kris Wu. He will appear in the upcoming Journey to the West Conquering the Demons 2.
TOP  100 Handsome Faces
Big Bang Member T.O.P. Choi Seung Hyun
Choi Siwon 100 Handsome Faces
Super Junior Member Choi Siwon 
Godfrey Gao 100 Handsome Faces
Godfrey Gao. The only one not a member of any boyband but simply a man oozing with charisma. He was recently seen in God of War Zhao Yun that also starred Lin Gengxin and SNSD’s Im Yoona. 
Taeyang 100 Handsome Faces
Big Bang member Taeyang Dong Young Bae

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