East Asian Stars Among The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2016

Whaddayaknow Song Hye Kyo who is regarded as one of Korea”s most beautiful faces is at number 99 while After School’s Nana slipped a few spots down to number 3, after topping the list consecutively in 2014 and 2015. 

There’s only a handful of Chinese actresses from Angelababy (Love O2O) to Crystal Liu (Once Upon A Time) who are close to the bottom when they are almost always unanimously praised for their looks. This is why beauty is subjective though I have to admit that they all look gorgeous anyway so who’s to argue the rankings.

Nevertheless, I’m secretly hoping that Filipina actress Liza Soberano who is number 2 for the second time in a row wins next year. Followers of Korean and Chinese entertainment wouldn’t be familiar with her but she is a very popular actress in the Philippines and if the list is based on aesthetics alone, this 18-year-old has definitely got the looks and a lovely personality to boot. Here’s a look at some East Asian stars on the list though we included a few from the Philippines, which is in Southeast Asia. 

98 Song Hye Kyo Korea
92 Haruka Shimazaki Japan
87 Daye Korea
83 Angelababy China
79 Crystal Liu Yi Fei China / United States
76 Minhee Korea
71 Irene Korea
69 Kathryn Bernardo Philippines
62 Bae Suzy Korea
56 Ju Jingyi China
52 Rhian Ramos Philippines
49 Jessica Jung Korea / United States
45 Go Ara Korea
43 Zhu Zhu Korea
41 Lisa Manoban Thailand 
38 Mirei Kiritani Japan
35 Yura Korea
29 Seulgi Korea
22 Jennie Kim Korea
19 Taeyeon Korea
14 Lin Yun China
8 Tzuyu Chou Taiwan
6 Satomi Ishihara Japan
3 Nana Korea
2 Liza Soberano Philippines


Lin Yun


Tzuyu Chou of Twice


Satomi Ishihara


Nana of After School
Liza Soberano
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