Panda Rants #3

Christmas is in the air, new year is around the corner and my watchlist is down to one. It is Princess Weiyoung, possibly the best historical drama of the year. 

But gah, Flying Daggers airs tonight and Chusen returns in three days so things are about to get hectic (says me with a huge grin on my face). Hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays and find a good drama for the road. As usual, spoilers ahead. 


Princess Weiyoung (till episode 43)

Weiyang lands herself back in jail and it is hilarious that the emperor says, “you again!?” because it’s true. She is a walking magnet when it comes to being accused of crimes she did not commit, at least she’s smart enough to save herself, most of the time. 

But omo, omo.. can we talk about Chang Ru who finally reveals her true colors because I hate her with a passion especially after she threw Weiyang under the bus complete with alligator tears streaming from her face. I hope payback’s not far off.

Out of the many tropes in the show, my least favorite is Gao Yang Wang’s ‘i can’t tell her the truth in order to protect her’ baloney that has been keeping the couple apart for some episodes. I really don’t see a legitimate reason to keep Weiyang in the dark even though I admit that it does pave way for epic tearjerkers like Chang Le’ wedding and Weiyang’s beating that makes for a good drama. Only a few more days to go as the last episode airs on December 9.

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