One of a kind posters for “Song of Phoenix”

 Song of Phoenix


Song of Phoenix 思美人 starring Ma Ke (The Bodyguard), Viann Zhang Xinyu (Border Town Prodigal), Qiao Zhenyu (City of Devastating Love) and Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi (Legend of Chusen) has yet to secure an air date but it certainly spares no expense when it comes to promotional materials.
With the abundance of choices out there, it doesn’t exactly top my list but I am mildly curious to see Journey of Flower’s Ma Ke back in action opposite Viann Zhang who was simply gorgeous in Border Town Prodigal. Of course, it is no period drama unless one of the TF Boys plays the younger version of the main protagonist and last but not the least, Qiao Zhen Yu brings up the rear as the emperor of Chu. 

 Song of Phoenix
 Song of Phoenix
Ma Ke Song of Phoenix
Yi Yang Qian Xi Song of Phoenix
Viann Zhang Song of Phoenix
Qiao Zhenyu Song of Phoenix
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