“Nirvana in Fire 2” begins filming with Huang Xiaoming and Tong Liya

Nirvana in Fire 2 Huang Xiaoming Tong Liya
It has been more than a year since Nirvana in Fire but it continues to have a special place in the hearts of loyal fans, which may or may not work in the favor of Nirvana in Fire 2 though there seems to be no hope for a crossover because the story begins decades after the events of the original such that Jing Wang’s son has become the ruler of the Liang Kingdom. 
Chinese superstar Huang XiaomingTong Liya and Wu Hao Chen are in attendance as they get ready for filming in Hengdian. Although Huang Xiaoming and Tong Liya are listed as guest stars, I have a feeling that their roles are bigger than they seems while Liu Hao Ran who was unavailable because of exams was probably not required since his scenes will likely pick up from where they leave off. 
Nirvana in Fire 2 Huang Xiaoming Tong Liya
I still think Liu Hao Ran seems more suitable as someone like the little bodyguard Fei Liu rather than a Mei Changsu but I’m quite curious to see how they plan to create a proper sequel befitting the title Nirvana in Fire. 
Finally, some fun fact for you, Liu Hao Ran and Tong Liya are under the same management company and he was even discovered by Tong Liya’s husband when he was sixteen years old. The two practically have a noona dongsaeng relationship and I’m dying to find out what roles they’ll play and what chemistry it will bring. I actually really like the cast but also skeptical that they might be playing with fire. 
*noona dongsaeng means older sister younger brother

Nirvana in Fire 2 Huang Xiaoming
Nirvana in Fire 2 Huang Xiaoming Tong Liya


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