Vogue China’s 11th Anniversary Party

Vogue China’s 11th Anniversary Party

Fan Bing Bing

I’m staring at the red carpet pictures from Vogue China’s 11th Anniversary Party thinking what in the world?!” It starts with Fan Bing Bing’s furry hat and it doesn’t end there because the outfit as a whole just doesn’t seem to work. Yang Mi’s dress doesn’t seem to fare any better while Tiffany Tang Yan’s flair seems to be a thing of the past. 

I feel like a pretentious fashion police but let’s just say that I’m still coping with the culture shock of seeing my favorite stars in their habitat. After all, I was so spoiled by Li Yi Feng’s sharp-looking suits in Sparrow that I really wasn’t expecting to see him in a flowery pantsuit. 

That said, I quite like the green gown worn by Tina Tang and even the paler shade worn by Gu Li Na Zha. In fact, up there with them is Tong Liya who is literally just wearing an all-white pantsuit. As for the men, my vote goes to Yuan Hong, Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiang Jin Fu who decided to stick with the classic tux. 

The stars in attendance include Fan Bing Bing, Yang Mi, Tiffany Tang Yan, Carina Lau, Zhou Dongyu, Shu Qi, Tong Liya, Yang Zi, Gu Li Na Zha, Di Li Re Ba, Tina Tang YixinHu Ge, William Chan, Li Yi Feng, Yuan Hong, Zhang Ruo Yun and Jiang Jin Fu (in order of appearance below). 

Yang Mi
Tiffany Tang Yan (Princess Weiyoung)
Carina Lau
Zhou Dongyu (Sparrow)
Shu Qi
Tong Liya
Yang Zi Vogue
Gu Li Na Zha
Di Li Re BaTina Tang Yixin
Hu Ge
William Chan
Li Yi Feng Sparrow
Yuan Hong
Zhang Ruo Yun
Jiang Jin Fu Vogue
Photos courtesy of weibo

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